Sentence Examples with the word LETTRE

His violent disposition now led him to quarrel with a country gentleman who had insulted his sister, and his semi-exile was changed by lettre de cachet into imprisonment in the Chateau d'If.

The subject was developed later in his Lettre a M.

It is agreed that the idea was suggested when Rousseau went to pay a visit to Diderot, who was in prison at Vincennes for his Lettre sur les aveugles.

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He edited Jean de Joinville's Histoire de St Louis, roi de France (Paris, 1668), and his other works which may be mentioned are Traite historique du chef de St Jean Baptiste (Paris, 1666); Lettre du Sieur N., conseiller du roi (Paris, 1682); Cyrilli, Philoxeni, aliorumque veterum glossaria, and Memoire sur le projet d'un nouveau recueil des historiens de France, avec le plan general de ce recueil, which has been inserted by Jacques Lelong in his Bibliotheque historique de la France (Paris, 1768-1778).

See Kersaint's own works, Le Bon Sens (1789); the Rubicon (1789); Considerations sur la force publique et l'institution des gardes nationales (1789); Lettre a Mirabeau (1791); Moyens presentes a l'Assemblee nationale pour retablir la paix et l'ordre dans les colonies; also E.

SIMON NICHOLAS HENRI LINGUET (1736-1794), French journalist and advocate, was born on the 14th of July 1736, at Reims, whither his father, the assistant principal in the College de Beauvais of Paris, had recently been exiled by lettre de cachet for engaging in the Jansenist controversy.

The published Lettre de l'abbe Raynal a l'Assemblee nationale (loth Dec. 1790) was really the work of the comte de Guibert.

In addition to the Historia there exists, in the library at Rouen, a manuscript edition of William of Jumieges' Historia Normannorum which Leopold Delisle assigns to Orderic (see this critic's Lettre a M Jules Lair (1873).

In 1758 appeared his Lettre a d'Alembert contre les spectacles, written in the winter of the previous year at Montlouis.

Entitled Le Curial, translated into English (Here foloweth the copy of a lettre whyche maistre A.