Sentence Examples with the word LANDS

Adalbert, who wished to free his lands entirely from the authority of the duke, aroused further hostility by an attack on the privileges of the great abbeys, and after the emperor's death in 1056 his lands were ravaged by Bernard.

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The 4000 cleruchs settled in 506 B.C. upon the lands of the conquered oligarchs of Euboea, known as the Hippobotae) was unquestionably military, and in the later days of the Delian 1 It seems (Strabo, p. 635) that similar colonies were sent out by the Milesians, e.g.

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The water system of the province comprises a few small rivers (now largely canalized) in the high lands in the east, and the vast network of canals, waterways and lakes of the whole north and west.

In the main they are grazing lands - the seat of important dairy and sheepraising industries.

And it is important to remark that the protagonists of iconoclasm in Byzantium came from these lands where image cult offended the deepest religious instincts of the masses.

Moreover, special provision had been made in the Constitutional Act of 1791 for the liberal endowment of the Protestant religion, then identified in the official mind with the Church of England, through what were afterwards known as the Clergy Reserves, being one-seventh of the lands of the new townships opened for settlement.

The world has become a seamless market where moving items around is so cheap and easy that we make things that cost a dollar (or a dime, or a penny) in distant lands and transport them to where they are wanted.

The marsh lands afford admirable pasture, and a greater proportion of cattle (65 per Iwo inhabitants) is reared in Schleswig-Holstein, mainly by small owners, than in any other Prussian province.

The second division of the lands is the well-raised part of the valley whose level lies above the ordinary inundations of the Brahmaputra.