Sentence Examples with the word Lände

His archaeological work included the investigation of lake dwellings and other prehistoric structures; he went with Schliemann to Troy in 1879, fruits of the expedition being two books, ZurLandeskunde der Troas (1880) and Alt-trojanische Gr p ber and Schad (1882); in 1881 he visited the Caucasus, and on his return published Das Graberfeld von Koban im Lande der Osseten; and in 1888 he accompanied Schliemann to Egypt, Nubia and the Peloponnese.

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Schmidt, Geschichte des Deutschtums im Lande Posen linter polnischer Herrschaft (Bromberg, 1904); Stumpfe, Polenf rage and Ansiedelungskommission.

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Than to let it be known how many acres of errable lande euery man hath in tyllage, and of the same acres in euery felde to chaunge with his neyghbours, and to leve them toguyther, and to make hym one seuerall close in euery felde for his errable lands; and his leyse in euery felde to leve them togyther in one felde, and to make one seuerall close for them all.

Delitzsch, Im Lande des einstigen Paradieses (1903); F.

Flathe (1867-1873); Sturmhofel, Geschichte der sachsischen Lande and ihrer Herrscher (Chemnitz, 1897-1898); and Tutzschmann, Atlas zur Geschichte der sdchsischen Lander (Grimma, 1852).

And the rych men that bath moche catell wold have the advantage, and the poore man can have no help nor relefe in wynter when he bath moste nede; and if an acre of lande be worthe sixe pens, or it be enclosed, it will be worth VIII.

His works include: Die Gesetzgebung Mosis im Lande Moab (1854), in which the Deuteronomic law book is assigned to the second half of the reign of Manasseh; Der Lehrbegriff des Hebriterbriefs (1858-59, 2nd ed.

Krause, Urkunden, Aktenstiicke and Briefe zur Geschichte der anhaltischen Lande and ihrer Fiirsten unter dem Drucke des 30 jdhrigen Krieges (Leipzig, 1861-1866); O.