Sentence Examples with the word Kyrie

These responses are usually sung, and the name Kyrie is thus also applied to their musical setting.

Thus the Four Short Masses of Bach are called short, not because they are on a small scale, which is far from being the case, but because they consist only of the Kyrie and Gloria.

KYRIE (in full kyrie eleison, or eleeson, Gr.

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Music with Latin words is not excluded from the Lutheran Church, and the Kyrie and Gloria are frequently sung in succession and entitled a Mass.

At Vespers from the first psalm to the Magnificat, at mass from the end of the Kyrie to the canon.

In the Anglican Book of Common Prayer the Kyrie is introduced into the orders for Morning and Evening Prayer, and also, with an additional petition, as a response made by the congregation after the reading of each of the Ten Commandments at the opening of the Communion Service.

In the Lutheran Church the Kyrie is still said or sung in the original Greek.