Sentence Examples with the word Kol

The floor of the valley consequently slopes away in both directions, like the Chimen valley between the Akato-tagh and the Chimen-tagh; and in so far as it slopes westwards towards the Kum kol lakes it differs from nearly all the other great latitudinal valleys that run parallel with it, because they slope generally towards the east.

They chiefly consist of the Bhumij, Tala, Kol and Savara peoples, the Savaras being by far the most numerous, numbering 14,775.

The root kol is common to all the Teutonic nations, while in French and other Romance languages derivatives of the Latin carbo are used, e.g.

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Akrish, Kol Mebasser (Constantinople, 1577), and often reprinted in editions of Jehuda hal-Levv's Kuzari.