Sentence Examples with the word Knew

He knew exactly where to look.

And when he came to the nut trees, and saw the shells left by the idle fairies and all the traces of their frolic, he knew exactly how they had acted, and that they had disobeyed him by playing and loitering on their way through the woods.

She felt the sense of being centered for the first time in her life and knew it was because of the man before her.

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This unity of the man in his work makes it difficult, for one who knew him, to be sure that one rightly gauges the purely literary significance of the latter.

He knew Fred would be waiting up for him, but decided to let the old man cool his heels, punishment enough for setting up the evening's activity on the sly.

He grinned at her and waved as if he knew who she was.

Yet she knew when his fury unleashed, he'd be as merciless as Dusty was with vamps.

The Romans cast their larger copper coins, in clay moulds carrying distinctive markings, not because they knew nothing of striking, but because it was not suitable for such large masses of metal.

I know a great deal of it by heart, for I loved it long before I knew a metaphor from a synecdoche.

Tim was the quiet one and when Jim cried, everyone on the block knew he was unhappy.