Sentence Examples with the word Kleine

Leitzmann, Halle, 1893); Leitzmann has also published (Stuttgart, 1894) a selection of Forster's Kleine Schriften, which originally appeared in 6 vols.

Among his other works are Spinozas neu entdeckter Traktat von Gott, dem Menschen and dessen Gliickseligkeit (1866); Kleine Schriften (1881); Vorfragen der Ethik (1886).

Gutschmid, Kleine Schriften (Leipzig, 1892); Himpel, Gregor der Erleuchter, Kl.

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The last-named official soon confined himself to the judicial magisterial office, and a further increase in the numbers of the council having taken place by the appointment of 8 nominees of the king, a municipal council of 34, under the direction of the senior consul or burgomaster, dealt with matters exclusively civic. Later this council (the kleine Rat) was increased to 42 members, 8 of whom belonged to the artisan class.

Niebuhr, Kleine Schriften, i.

Wattenbach, Leipzig, 1897); Sigmund Billing, Kleine Chronik der Stadt Kolmar (Colmar, 1891); Hund, Kolmar vor and wiihrend seiner Entwickelung zur Reichsstadt (Strassburg, 1899); J.

The Opuscula et Carmina Latina were published separately in 1837; with a collection of his smaller pieces, Kleine Schriften (1837-1838), including a complete list of his works (56 pages).

It also contains interesting communications from Bunsen and Professor Loebell, and select translations from the Kleine Schriften.

Niebuhr, Kleine Schriften; cf.