Sentence Examples with the word Kleber

The great canal was not begun; irrigation works were started but were soon given up. The letters of Kleber and Menou (the successors of Bonaparte) show that the expenditure on public works had been so reckless that the colony was virtually bankrupt at the time of Bonaparte's departure; and William Hamilton, who travelled through Egypt in 1802, found few traces, other than military, of the French occupation.

The Convention resolved to bring the war to an end before October, and placed the troops under the undivided command, first of Jean Lechelle and then of Louis Turreau, who had as subordinates such men as Marceau, Kleber and Westermann.

Important formations of chromite are found at Hagdale and the Heog Hills; steatite occurs at Kleber Geo, and many interesting minerals have been recorded from these islands.

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Algerian onyx from Ain Tekbalet was used by the Romans, and many ancient quarries have been found near Kleber in the department of Oran, some being certainly those from which the long-lost Numidian marbles were taken.

For the victory of Cholet Kleber was made general of division and Marceau confirmed as general of brigade.

Marceau had already retired from the war, exhausted by the fatigues of the campaign, and he and Kleber were saved from arrest and execution only by the intervention of Bourbotte.

In 1792 the citizens had to pay 2,000,000 gulden to the French general Custine; and in 1796 Kleber exacted 8,000,000 francs.