Sentence Examples with the word Klöster

He was educated at the gymnasium of Stettin and at the university of Berlin; in 1829 he became a master at the Graue Kloster (or Grey Friars), one of the oldest schools in Berlin; besides his work there he gave lectures at the university, from 1833 as privat-dozent, and from 1835 as professor, without a salary.

Near Bludenz the Kloster glen parts from the Ill valley; through the latter runs the Arlberg railway (1884) - beneath the pass of that name (5912 ft.) - to Landeck and Innsbruck.

Hostien and die Ji den in Deggendorf (Landshut, 1866); and Das Kloster Metten (Straubing, 1857).

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Beyer, Das Cistercienstift and Kloster Alt-Celle (Dresden, 1855).

See Heffter, Geschichte des Klosters Lehnin (Brandenburg, 1851); and Sello, Lehnin, Beitrage zur Geschichte von Kloster and Amt (Berlin, 1881).