Sentence Examples with the word Kiri

Two had never heard kiri cry so hard.

Something about Damian, the man who made kiri cry.

All he could see in his head was kiri sobbing and the dreams she'd made him remember.

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He took Damian outside to the rock where he and kiri had watched the stars once long ago and set him down.

He didn't remember how he got it, and he doubted it'd been there before kiri put it there hours before.

He didn't remember the dream, but he saw that kiri was crying again.

The group, which had evidentl y been clumsily led, took up a position between the Kiri and the Lake of Scutari, some 3,000 yd.

The day kiri grows tired of him, he's going to my behavior modification training, Dusty assured him.

And now that he'd done what she asked and saved Damian, he would return to kiri to convince her to return to his head, before his master killed her.

His master's friend moved closer, and he silently told kiri to be quiet, lest she be heard.