Sentence Examples with the word Kings

In the main, however, the kings personal likes and dislikes mattered little to the realm, since he had a comparatively small share in its governance.

I Kings vi., vii.), the sacrifices and festivals and the functions of priests and prince are prescribed, a stream issuing from under the temple is to vivify the Dead Sea and fertilize the land (this is meant literally), the land is divided into parallel strips and assigned to the tribes.

As the number of kings decreased the number of witans decreased, until early in the 9th century there was one king and one witan in all England.

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These six kings reigned 198 years and 10 months, and all aimed at extirpating the Egyptians.

To take his kingship in earnest, thinking to cure him by war of his effeminate passions; and, in the spring of 1744, the kings grave illness at Metz gave a momentary hope of reconciliation between him and the deserted queen.

Successive improvements were introduced into it by the kings of the second Assyrian empire; chariots were superseded by cavalry; Tiglath-pileser III.

Pole was impeached on a groundthe kings less charge of corruption and condemned, but Richard favor- at once pardoned him and restored him to favor, Dc ftes.

The best account of Philip's character and reign is still that given by Coxe in his Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House of Bourbon (London, 1815).

Without any indication of whence or how he came, he again appeared, as usual with startling abruptness, in the vineyard when Ahab entered to take possession of it, and pronounced upon the king and his house that awful doom (I Kings xxi.

When the kings of our people found them, they mated with them to bind them to them.