Sentence Examples with the word Kiki

Practical and detail-oriented, Kiki was well-dressed and lean.

He shook out his shoulders, trying to focus on whatever it was Kiki had been talking about.

Tamer was still for a long moment, until Kiki shoved a foot beneath his belly and rolled him over.

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Kris addressed Kiki with a worried look towards Hannah.

He was about to address Kiki again when Katie.s angry words hit him.

Flanked by the Immortal she knew as Kiki and two more, Rhyn stood several meters away.

He trailed Kiki out of the castle to the boulders a short distance from the walls.

Cynically, he suspected all but Kiki would choose the demons.

Gabe heard the voice of Rhyn's mate, Katie, from the direction of the hallway as she greeted Kiki on her way in.

Gabe sat up as Kiki approached, and the tall Immortal paused, critical gaze taking in both of them.