Sentence Examples with the word Kiera

I don't expect anyone to talk to me, Kiera muttered as she changed.

They made a perfect couple, and Kiera was disgusted at the perfection before her that represented everything she had no hopes of ever attaining.

Evelyn knew she didn't deserve to feel at peace after the mess she dragged Kiera into, but she did feel it, and it made her genuinely content for the first time since she'd kidnapped her best friend.

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Excited and nervous, Kiera crossed to it and waved her armband over the access pad.

Evelyn looked defeated, and Kiera expected she had already covered the subject exhaustively.

She looked at the band on her arm, then down the hall toward Kiera before propping her chin on his chest to gaze at him.

Her friend was sure-footed and confident, but Kiera knew she was nervous.

Evelyn bolted for the stairwell, unwilling to allow anyone but Kiera to see her without make-up, while Kiera went to the door.

Evelyn was the queen of handling crowds, but Kiera could think of nothing more than ducking into a safe corner and staying there with her back to the wall.

Her eyes strayed to the closet, as if wondering if Kiera found the boxes.