Sentence Examples with the word Kiel

After studying at the gymnasium of his native place, he entered the university of Kiel (1716), where he took his master's degree in 1718.

Denmark retained possession of the Faeroes at the peace of Kiel in 1815.

HERMANN OLSHAUSEN (1796-1839), German theologian, was born at Oldeslohe in Holstein on the 21st of August 1796, and was educated at the universities of Kiel (1814) and Berlin (1816), where he was influenced by Schleiermacher and Neander.

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In 1873 he went to Kiel as professor of chemistry and director of the laboratory, remaining there until 1889 when he went to the university of Breslau in the same capacity.

Of Kiel Bay, and Christian displayed a heroism which endeared him ever after to the Danish nation and made his name famous in song and story.

The through railway traffic of Hamburg is practically confined to that proceeding northwards - to Kiel and Jutland - and for the accommodation of such trains the central (terminus) station at Altona is the chief gathering point.

She was punished for her obstinacy by being deprived of Norway, which she was compelled to surrender to Sweden by the terms of the treaty of Kiel (1814), on the 14th of January, receiving by way of compensation a sum of money and Swedish Pomerania, with Riigen, which were subsequently transferred to Prussia in exchange for the duchy of Lauenburg and 2,000,000 rix-dollars.

In 1854 he removed from Prague to a similar appointment at Kiel, and again in 1862 from Kiel to Leipzig.

He was educated at the Flensburg gymnasium and the universities of Kiel and Berlin.

Of Kiel on the railway from Hamburg to Vamdrup, on the Danish frontier.