Sentence Examples with the word Kidding

The old man perused the wine menu with a studious eye, mispronouncing the items with enough of a smile so you never knew if he was kidding or ignorant.

It was time to put her into a kidding stall.

Carmen was scooping hay out of one of the kidding stalls when he found her at the barn.

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We need to get her to a kidding stall.

There was no point in responding, so Carmen merely shrugged and followed Alex to one of the kidding stalls.

Carmen flipped through the book to the part on kidding problems and scanned down the directions.

In here... in the second kidding stall.

The door to the kidding stalls was open and she stepped through, moving swiftly as she checked each stall.

That's probably what brought the kidding on.

She darted back to the kidding stall and knelt beside the goat again.