Sentence Examples with the word Khartum

Between Thebes and Khartum the western banks of the Nile are composed of Nubian Sandstone, which extends westward from the river to the edge of the great Libyan Desert, where it forms the bed rock.

On the 10th of April 1891, Menelek communicated to the powers his views with regard to the Italian frontier, and announced his intention of re-establishing the ancient boundaries of Ethiopia as far as Khartum to the north-west and Victoria Nyanza to the south.

In September 1898 the Sudanese forces were decisively beaten, with great slaughter, in the immediate neighborhood of Omdurman; and Khartum became thenceforward the Onj dot.

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Steevens, With Kitchener to Khartum (Edinburgh, 1898); Winston S.

From Khartum and the limit of navigation up stream from that city.

Steamers run on the Nile between Kerma and Kareima, and above Khartum the government maintains a regular service of steamers as far south as Gondokoro in the Uganda Protectorate.

Relieved of the fear of an immediate attack by the mandists the Egyptian officials at Khartum intrigued against Hicks, who in July tendered his resignation.

In the few months between the fall of Khartum and his death the mandi, relieved from the incessant strain of toil, copied in his private life all the vices of Oriental despots while maintaining in public the austerity he demanded of his followers.

The most powerful of the slave traders was Zobeir Pasha, who, having defeated a force sent from Khartum to reduce him to obedience, invaded Darfur (1874).

Navigability really only begins again at Gondokoro on the Sudan frontier, from which point steamers ply to Khartum (see Nile).