Sentence Examples with the word Khalil

The pasha was ordered either to hand over the executioners to vengeance or to resign his place; as he refused to do the forfner he was compelled to do the latter, and presently a rescript came from Constantinople, approving the conduct of the army and appointing one KhalIl Pasha as Musas successor.

In 1409 Khalil Shah died; and the story goes that Shadu l-Mulk stabbed herself and was buried with her royal lover at Rai, one of the towns which his grandfather had partly destroyed.

Somewhat later Ibrahim Khalil of Shusha, repenting of his Russophilism, determined to deliver up the Muscovite garrison at that place, but his plans were betrayed, and he and his relatives put to death.

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In return for his services, Kublai invested Phagspa with sovereign power over (1) Tibet proper, comprising the thirteen districts of U and Tsang, (2) Khalil and (3) Amdo.

Here he met one Salib Bey, who had injuries to avenge on Khalil Bey, and the two organized a force with which they returned to Cairo and defeated KhalII, who was forced to fly to Iaifla, where for a time he concealed himself; eventually, however, he was discovered, sent to Alexandria and finally strangled.

He thereby excited the suspicions of the Sheik al-Balad Khalil Bey, who organized an attack upon him in the streets of Cairo, in consequence of which he fled to Upper Egypt.

While, however, these measures were in early use, they were not systematically analysed or their rules enunciated until the time of Khalil ibn Ahmad in the 8th century.