Sentence Examples with the word Ketonic

H HN CEH?Chch C(Ch3)N.Cs The ketonic esters under like treatment yield oxypyrimidines, whilst if cyanacetic ester be employed then amino-oxypyrimidines are obtained.

Certain of these oils consist very largely of hydrocarbons; for example, those of turpentine, citron, thyme, orange, pine-needle, goldenrod (from Solidago canadensis) and cypress, while others contain as their chief constituents various alcoholic and ketonic substances.

Pseudopelletierine (methyl granatonine), C9H15N0, an alkaloid of the pomegranate, is a derivative of cyclo-octane, and resembles tropine in that it contains a nitrogen bridge between two carbon atoms. It is an inactive base, and also has ketonic properties.

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Compounds containing an oxy in addition to an aldehydic or ketonic group) undergo both condensation and oxidation when treated with phenylhydrazine, forming compounds known as osozones; these are of great importance in characterizing the sugars (q.v.).

It unites with aldehydes to form esters of ketonic acids, and with aniline yields anilido-acetic acid.

P. 2207); and by the action of ammonia on a-halogen ketonic compounds (W.

The carbonyl group is not ketonic in character since it yields neither an oxime nor hydrazone.

They may also be prepared by the decomposition of ketone chlorides with water; by the oxidation of the tertiary hydroxyacids; by the hydrolysis of the ketonic acids or their esters with dilute alkalis or baryta water (see Aceto-Acetic Ester); by the hydrolysis of alkyl derivatives of acetone dicarboxylic acid, HO 2 C CH 2 CO CHR CO 2 H; and by the action of the Grignard reagent on nitriles (E.