Sentence Examples with the word Kerry

Angustifolium, an arctic and temperate North American species, is also native in Galway and Kerry in Ireland.

After the stern coast of county Clare there follow the estuary of the great river Shannon, and then three large inlets striking deep into the mountains of Kerry and Cork - Dingle Bay, Kenmare river and Bantry Bay, separating the prongs of the forklike south-western projection of the island.

It is related to the Clun Forest and the Kerry Hill sheep. The draft ewes of all three breeds are in high demand for breeding to Down and longwool rams in the English midlands.

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The takin, which may be compared in size to a Kerry cow, is a clumsily built brute with yellowish-brown hair and curiously curved horns, which recall those of the South African white-tailed gnu.

The Old Red Sandstone is most fully manifest in the rocky or heather-clad ridges that run from the west of Kerry to central Waterford, rising to 3414 ft.

Sanders perished obscurely in 1581, and in 1583 Desmond himself was hunted down and killed in the Kerry mountains.

In 1688; and her two sons were successively created earls of Shelburne, but on their death without issue the Petty estates passed to their sister, Anne, and after her marriage to the 1st earl of Kerry the Shelburne title was revived in her son's favour (see under Lansdowne, Ist Marquess).

The dynamiters were for the most part Irish-Americans, who for obvious reasons generally spared Ireland, but one land-agent's house in Kerry was shaken to its foundations in November 1884.

Exceptions, however, are Tory Island and North Aran off the Donegal coast, Achill and Clare off Mayo, the South Arans guarding Galway Bay, the Blasquets and Valencia off the Kerry coast.

He thus became possessor of so large a domain in the county of Kerry that, according to John Aubrey, he could behold from Mt Mangerton 50,000 acres of his own land.