Sentence Examples with the word Kelli

Lana looked around for Kelli and saw her near Mike at the far bonfire.

No one has come back, Kelli said slowly.

Lana nodded, and Kelli stepped away from the others.

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Lana went to the side opposite Kelli and pressed her thumb against the keypad.

She waited for Kelli to find her and eventually rose, hungry.

More than we have dogs, Kelli added.

Lana looked Kelli over more closely, noticing the clothing for the first time.

We had another refugee wander into the town today, Kelli said, motioning to Lana.

But we'll worry about it tomorrow, Kelli said.

When Kelli woke her, the warehouse was dark, except for the low light of lanterns like the one dangling from the ceiling into Lana's room.