Sentence Examples with the word Keene

The plan of 1821 to use the Literary Fund for founding and maintaining a state college for instruction in the higher branches of science and literature was abandoned in 1828 and the only state institutions of learning are the Plymouth Normal School (1870) at Plymouth, the Keene Normal School (1909) at Keene, and the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, organized as a department of Dartmouth College in 1866, but removed to Durham, Strafford county, as a separate institution in 1891.

Our new life in Keene produced a comfortable level of contentment we'd never previously experienced.

I considered calling Frank Vasapolli but I would be revealing my Keene location.

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The Keene State College sounds cool too.

The principles which govern the preparation and setting of the other class of calcium sulphate cements, that is, cements of the Keene class, are not fully understood, but there is a fair amount of knowledge on the subject, both empirical and scientific. The essential difference between the setting of Keene's cement and that of plaster of Paris is that the former takes place much more slowly, occupying hours instead of minutes, and the considerable heating and expansion which characterize the setting of plaster of Paris are much less marked.

You'll help Julie to register Molly at the Keene school while I make the plane reservation.

She came up to Keene to talk to me.

He's been camping in Keene for a week, looking for us.

I'd temporarily forgotten she knew our whereabouts in Keene from my neglect in using an unsecured phone.

Howie, you have to talk to the Keene police.