Sentence Examples with the word Kaye

Holmes, History of the Indian Mutiny (1898); Kaye and Malleson's History of the Indian Mutiny (1864-1888); R.

Pupils flocked to him from all European countries; Germans are especially mentioned; a Polish student reported and published some of his lectures; and the Englishman Kaye was a zealous disciple, who does not, however, seem to have done anything towards transplanting this method of instruction to his own country.

Among many descriptions of this disease, that by John Kaye or Caius, already referred to, was one of the best, and of great importance as showing that the works of Galen did not comprise all that could be known in medicine.

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A little later Janus Cornarius or Hagenbut (150o-1558) and Leonhard Fuchs (1501-1566) in Germany, and John Kaye of Caius (1510-1572) in England, carried on the work.