Sentence Examples with the word Kay

High), observatory, academy, corporation art gallery, institute (containing a free library and a museum), Kay schools, School of Science and Art, Athenaeum, theatre, infirmary, Agricultural Hall, and Philosophical Institution.

To support this new allegation, Arkwright's opponents brought forward, for the first time, Thomas Highs, or Hayes, a reed-maker at Bolton, who stated that he had invented a machine for spinning by rollers previously to 1768, and that he had employed the watchmaker Kay to make a model of that machine.

There is a University Preparatory School (1901) at Tonkawa in Kay county, and there are state schools of agriculture at Tishomingo and at Warner.

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In Kay Park (484 acres), purchased from the duke of Portland for 90co, stands the Burns Memorial, consisting of two storeys and a tower, and containing a museum in which have been placed many important MSS.

On a motion for a new trial on the 10th of November of the same year it was stated that he was furnished with affidavits contradicting the evidence that had been given by Kay and others with respect to the originality of the invention; but the court refused to grant a new trial, on the ground that, whatever might be the fact as to the question of originality, the deficiency in the specification was enough to sustain the verdict, and the cancellation of the patents was ordered a few days afterwards.

This invention having been brought to a fairly advanced stage, he removed to Nottingham in 1768, accompanied by Kay and John Smalley of Preston, and there erected his first spinning mill, which was worked by horses.

A curious fragment of Welsh dialogues, printed by Professor Rhys in his Studies on the Arthurian Legend, appears to represent Kay as the abductor, In the pseudo-Chronicles and the romances based upon them the abductor is Mordred, and in the chronicles there is no doubt that the lady was no unwilling victim.

A Reformers' monument was unveiled in Kay Park in 1885.

Corner, and some gypsite in Kay county on the N.

ALEXANDER NOWELL (c. 1507-1602), dean of St Paul's, London, was the eldest son of John Nowell of Read Hall, Whalley, Lancashire, by his second wife Elizabeth Kay of Rochdale.