Sentence Examples with the word Kaufmann

Then followed in 1875 the campaign against Khokand, in which Kaufmann defeated the khan, Nasr-ed-din.

The general altitude of both ranges is 16,000-19,000 ft., but the Trans-Alai culminates in peak Kaufmann (23,000 ft.).

Although Kaufmann was unable to induce his government to support all his ambitious schemes of further conquest, he sent Skobeleff in 1880 and 1881 against the Akhal Tekkes, and was arranging to add Mer y to his annexations when he died suddenly at Tashkend on the 15th of May 1882.

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Thence the province stretches northwards across the mountains of the Tian-shan system and southwards across the Alai and Trans-Alai Mts., which reach their highest point in Peak Kaufmann (23,000 ft.), in the latter range.

In the Kaufmann Peak, in the Trans-Alai range, and of 19,680 ft.