Sentence Examples with the word Karlowitz

The principal towns are Agram, the capital, with 61,002 inhabitants in 190o; Esseg, the capital of Slavonia (2 4,93 0); Semlin (15,079); Mitrovica (11,518); Warasdin (12,930); Karlstadt (7396); Brod (7310); Sissek (7047); Djakovo (6824); Karlowitz (5643); Peterwardein (5019); Zengg (3182); and Buccari (1870).

He was excluded by name from the amnesty promised to the Hungarian rebels by the peace of Karlowitz (Jan.

For the next six years the war languished owing to the timidity of the emperor, the incompetence of his generals and the exhaustion of the Porte; but on the 11th of September 1697 Prince Eugene of Savoy routed the Turks at Zenta and on the 13th of November 1698 a peace-congress was opened at Karlowitz which resulted in the peace of that name (Jan.

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The immediate effect of the peace of Karlowitz was thus only to strengthen despotism in Hungary.

After a further period of manoeuvres, peace was at length concluded at Karlowitz on the 26th of January 1699.

The peace of Karlowitz marks the definitive termination of Turkey's power of offence in Europe.

Nominally a truce for 25 years on the uti possidetis basis, the peace of Karlowitz left in the emperor's hands the lying between the rivers Maros, Theiss, Danube and the mountains of Transylvania, the so-called TemeskOz, or about one-eleventh of the modern kingdom.

Their episcopal sees of Karlowitz and Pakrac depend upon the metropolitanate of Belgrade; but from 1830 to 1838 Karlowitz was itself the headquarters of the Servian Church.