Sentence Examples with the word Kano

The caravans from Kano were also frequently pillaged by the Tuareg, so that the prosperity of the town declined.

Katsena and Gando followed the example set to them by Kano and Sokoto.

Later there came abundant aid to the cause of popular art, partly from pupils of the Kano aiid Tosa schools, but mainly from the artisan class.

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Like the emir of Kano the new emir of Sokoto worked most loyally with the British administration.

Of Kano is Sokoto, on a tributary of the Niger of the same name.

Of these Sokoto and Gando, Kano and Katsena, Bornu East and Bornu West have been carried a step further in organization and now form three double provinces, each under the charge of a first-class resident.

Slave-raiding was practised on a scale which devastated and almost depopulated vast regions and greatly hampered the commercial activity of the large cities, of which Zaria and Kano were the most important.

The sub-province of Katagum was incorporated with Kano in 1905, and is included within this area.

The founder of the first great line of tsuba and menuki artists was Got YjO (1440-1512), a friend of the painter Kano Motonobu, whose designs he adopted.

He was the eldest son of an artist, named Ogato SOken, and studied the styles of the KanO and Tosa schools successively.