Sentence Examples with the word Kane

He returned to Etah across Kennedy Channel and along the shores of Kane Basin.

I-Ie was to be given as the kane to Hell, which shows a distinction between the beliefs in hell and in the place of fairies.

In 1917 a detailed survey was made of the coast of Ellesmere Land from Cape Sabine to Clarence Head, which considerably altered the charts based on the rough surveys of Inglefield, Kane and Hayes.

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ELGIN, a city of Kane county, Illinois, U.S.A., in the N.

ELISHA KENT KANE (1820-1857), American scientist and explorer, was born in Philadelphia on the 10th of February 1820, the son of the jurist John Kintzing Kane (1795-1858), a friend and supporter of Andrew Jackson, attorney-general of Pennsylvania in 1845-1846, U.S. judge of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania after 1846, and president of the American Philosophical Society in 1856-1858.

AURORA, a city of Kane county, Illinois, U.S.A., in the N.E.

Dr Kane died at Havana on the 16th of February 1857, at the age of thirty-seven.

Medals were authorized by Congress, and in the following year Dr Kane received the founder's medal of the Royal Geographical Society, and, two years later, a gold medal from the Paris Geographical Society.

From the northern end it is connected (I) with the polar sea northward by Smith Sound, prolonged by Kane Basin and Kennedy and Robeson Channels; (2) with the straits which ramify through the archipelago to the north-west by narrow channels at the head of Jones Sound, from which O.

On the fitting out of the first Grinnell expedition, in 1850, to search for Sir John Franklin, Kane was appointed surgeon and naturalist under Lieut.