Sentence Examples with the word Kai

Aurcov, and another in i i, o g iv Kai ourc g cTLV.

The fundamental postulates of Epicureanism are atoms and the void (iiroya Kai Kevov).

The fundamental uniform fact in nature is constant change (lravra Xwpei Kai ovSiv Ova); everything both is and is not at the same time.

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We need then to develop the alternative, and to pass from the external aspect of all-ness to the intrinsic ground of it in the universal Kau' auTO Kai n ai)TO, which, whatsoever the assistance it receives from induction in some sense of the word, in the course of its development for the individual mind, is secured against dependence on instances by the decisive fiat or guarantee of vas, insight into the systematic nexus of things.

Agapr avOVVC) Lire Kai 7rpavvovvc Tb Kolar, Kai vvveubocovae Tols 7rpavvovv11,.

Kwyos EvXQ,plov oU E,7 J 7rral TO Q7rapriov, Kai Ev Ta l TEXEralS t301,Elro Iva Quoted by Lobeck, Aglaophamus, i.

Meliarakes, IQTopta roD Bao - tXitov NcKacas Kai TOU D H7rELpou (Athens, 1898).

Of his writings two collections of admonitory maxims are extant: the first, Ocbao-KaXia Kai rapalvE rts, containing instructions for monks, is published with a Latin version by Fr.

Angelopoulos, lEpi HapacC6s Kai TWV Xt j i ewe afro (Athens, 1898).

Farther south, in the province of Kai (KOshiu), and separating two great rivers, the Fuji-kawa and the Tenriu-gawa, there lies a range of hills with peaks second only to those of the Japanese Alps spoken of above.