Sentence Examples with the word KEYS

I forgot my new keys and didn't want to wake you folks.

There were twenty keys in the set, code-named Horsemen, after the biblical Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Charlemagne in particular was closely connected with Jerusalem: the patriarch sent him the keys of the city and a standard in Boo; and in 807 Harun al-Rashid recognized this symbolical cession, and acknowledged Charlemagne as protector of Jerusalem and owner of the church of the Sepulchre.

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She keeps the relative position of the keys by an occasional touch of the little finger on the outer edge of the board.

The springs of fresh water that bubble up among the keys of the S.

Surrounded by keypads controlling the critical infrastructure nodes for the East Coast, the sensitive keys she needed to inventory were held within a small vault.

Within three days of the Paardekraal meeting a letter was sent to the administrator demanding the keys of the government offices.

The house will know where everything in it is; you will never again lose your keys or your child's favorite stuffed animal.

Mom told her son to leave the door ajar when he left so that he would not need his keys to return.

She snatched the keys and jammed them in her pocket then peered through the peephole again.