Sentence Examples with the word Justin

If Justin was going to call, he would have done so by now.

The Didache and Justin Martyr are no less unsatisfactory from the Roman point of view.

Thayer, with other essays, 1889), originally a lecture, and in spite of the compression due to its form, up to that time probably the ablest defence, based on external evidence, of the Johannine authorship, and certainly the completest treatment of the relation of Justin Martyr to this gospel.

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It must not, however, be forgotten that Justin is here speaking as the apologist of Christianity to an educated Pagan public, on whose philosophical view of life he had to base his arguments, and from whom he could not expect an intimate comprehension of the religious position of Christians.

Ad Graec. 19), that the accusation of Justin before the authorities, which led to his death, was due to Crescentius.

The T initial error of Justin was echoed by every subsequent theory.

In some respects Justin anticipated him.

He eyed Justin distastefully.

She lifted Todd to her shoulder and followed Justin to the door.

He condemned and deposed Acacius, a proceeding which the latter regarded with contempt, but which involved a breach between the two sees that lasted after Acacius's death (489), through the long and troubled reign of Anastasius, and was only healed by Justin I.