Sentence Examples with the word Just Left

The young girl explained Cynthia had just left for Duckett's Market to pick up a few items but Fred was up in his room, working on his computer.

A French colonel of hussars, who had evidently just left his bed, came riding from the village on a handsome sleek gray horse, accompanied by two hussars.

The little princess lay supported by pillows, with a white cap on her head (the pains had just left her).

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As luck would have it, as he was leaving the place, he nearly knocked over Cora Abernathy, who had just left the dry cleaners next door.

Queequeg and I had just left the Pequod, and were sauntering away from the water, for the moment each occupied with his own thoughts, when the above words were put to us by a stranger, who, pausing before us, levelled his massive forefinger at the vessel in question.

After good times and hard times and a number of renovations, it is once again a major New England travel hub, second only to Logan Airport where I'd just left my wife Even the iconic clock on the front of the building with its twelve foot face, styled after Big Ben, has been restored and running again.

A, Larva which has just left brood-pouch; B, longitudinal section through a somewhat later stage; C, the fully formed embryo just before fixing - the neo-embryo of Beecher.