Sentence Examples with the word Jumps

There are some twenty smaller species in Australia and Tasmania, besides the rock wallabies and the hare kangaroos; these last are wonderfully swift, making clear jumps 8 or io ft.

Arboreal species include the well-known opossums (Phalanger); the extraordinary tree-kangaroo of the Queensland tropics; the flying squirrel, which expands a membrane between the legs and arms, and by its aid makes long sailing jumps from tree to tree; and the native bear (Phascolarctos), an animal with no affinities to the bear, and having a long soft fur and no tail.

You're making some broad jumps just because Jeffrey Byrne visited in the Scranton area.

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Spectacular jumps and imaginative ambushes give you plenty to chew on, but also provide refreshing contrast to other sections of the game.

The membrane vibrates, and alternately checks and increases the gas supply, and the flame jumps up and down with the frequency of the source.

Ah, when one looks at our young people, Prince, one would like to take Peter the Great's old cudgel out of the museum and belabor them in the Russian way till all the nonsense jumps out of them.

They gave little jumps as they walked, as though they were on springs.

Dadaya macrops (Sars, 1901), from South America and Ceylon, has a very large eye and an eye-spot fully as large, but it is a very small creature, odd in its behaviour, moving by jumps at the very surface of the water.

The flame jumps down at every tick.

The sizes rise in pounds up to about 20 lb, then by 2 lb up to about 50 lb per spyndle, with much larger jumps above this weight.