Sentence Examples with the word Julien

Chenedolle, Charles Julien Lioult De (1769-1833), French poet, was born at Vire (Calvados) on the 4th of November 1769.

According to Stanislas Julien a ceremonial ordinance was established in China by the emperor Chin-nung 2800 years B.C., in accordance with which the emperor sows the rice himself while the seeds of four other kinds may be sown by the princes of his family.

Plums are propagated chiefly by budding on stocks of the Mussel, Brussels, St Julien and Pear plums. The damson, wine-sour and other varieties, planted as standards, are generally increased by suckers.

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Thither also came Julien Dubuque, a French Canadian, to trade with the new occupants.

This armed intervention compelled the duke to sign the treaty of St Julien (19th October) by which he engaged not to trouble the Genevese any more, agreeing that if he did so the two towns of Fribourg and Bern should have the right to occupy his barony of Vaud.

Du Chinois par Stanislas Julien (Paris, 1853); ' Memoires sur les contrees occidentales ...

Mary's College, Kan., studied art at the school of the San Francisco (Cal.) Art Association, and during 1890-3 attended the Academie Julien and the Rcole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

In 1786 a more systematic attempt was made to work the lead mines by Julien Dubuque, who obtained the privilege from the Indians.

Bartlett in Boston, of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, the Academie Julien and the sculptors Henri M.

His son and successor, Julien Marie Gaston, born at Chartres on the 27th of March 1833, was an active legitimist deputy in the Assembly chosen at the close of the German War of 1870-1871.