Sentence Examples with the word Julie

In his absence, Julie surprised us once more by thanking us for referring Howie to a psychiatrist.

But I think Julie is right about one thing.

Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado about Nothing and Julie Taymor's The Tempest with Helen Mirren.

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I had to make my speech at the funeral not knowing anyone but Julie and that bastard Ronnie who hates my guts.

Betsy returned, holding Molly's hand, sans Julie who was back at Howie's house packing her suitcase.

He indicated to him Princess Mary and Julie Karagina.

I knew any defense of Julie O'Malley would bring the wrath of heaven down on our bed.

The praise given to his concerto for the violin, which was played at the Conservatoire by Mazas, encouraged him to undertake the resetting of the old comic opera, Julie (1811).

Meeting at large gatherings Julie and Boris looked on one another as the only souls who understood one another in a world of indifferent people.

I considered not admitting what little I knew but frankly, I felt sorry for Howie's dilemma and for Julie caught in the middle.