Sentence Examples with the word Jule

She thought of how she'd felt safe with Jule during their brief encounter.

If you let Jule live, you must kill her.

I'll let Jule know, and we'll evac them.

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The guardsman was on his back, but Jule knew he wouldn't be down for long.

The guardsman struck with nonchalance that told Jule just how much he was being underestimated.

Darian's own power seemed to grow every time she knocked him down, and Jule looked at the Grey God curiously.

Damian granted him his god-powers after the Schism, whereas Jule was expelled from the divine world for crimes he'd never discussed.

She willed herself not to think of the man named Jule trapped somewhere in the house.

Armed and ready, Jule Transported himself to the Guardians' local station, where he startled Rourk.

Those two will continue to send people to kill you, just like Jule and the swordsman.