Sentence Examples with the word Judaizing

Not long afterwards, however, some judaizing opponents of the apostle (note the contemptuous anonymity of the TcvES in i.

The standpoint is that of the peculiar Judaizing or Ebonite Christianity due to persistence among Christians of the tendencies known among pre-Christian Jews as Essene.

Between him and the older apostles arose a long and fierce controversy, which was healed only when at last his disciples and the Judaizing disciples of the apostles coalesced into the Catholic Church.

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On the other hand, the Didascalia seems to have been evoked partly by Judaizing propaganda in north Syria.

The Judaizing and the paganizing tendency were combined in Gnostic Ebionitism which was prepared for in Jewish Essenism.

Cerinthus is a blend of judaizing christian and gnostic.