Sentence Examples with the word Juan

His susceptibility to new ideas is illustrated in such pieces as Mariana (1892), Mancha que limpia (1895), El Hijo de Don Juan (1892), and El Loco Dios (1900) these indicate a close study of Ibsen, and El Loco Dios more especially might be taken for an unintentional parody of Ibsen's symbolism.

In the early part of 1830 a separation was effected from the Colombian federation, and the country was proclaimed an independent republic. General Juan Jose Flores was the first president, and in spite of many difficulties, both domestic and foreign, he managed to maintain a powerful position in the state for about 15 years.

In 1595 San Juan was unsuccessfully attacked by an English fleet under Sir Francis Drake; two years later another English force, led by Sir George Cumberland, occupied the city for some weeks.

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At Bruges he became acquainted with the famous Spanish scholar, Juan Luis Vives, with whom he lodged.

The rivers Mira, Patia and San Juan permit the entrance of small steamers, as also some of the smaller rivers.

The preparation of the plans and the superintendence of the work were entrusted by the king to Juan Bautista de Toledo, a Spanish architect who had received most of his professional education in Italy.

The various schemes which have been put forward for the conversion of the San Juan and the lacustrine depression into an interoceanic waterway are fully discussed under Panama Canal.

Sebastian Cabot had in 151 9 deserted England for Spain, and had received from King Charles the post of pilot-major formerly held by Juan de Solis.

California was even deferred to as (declared to be seems much too strong a statement) an Estado Libre y Soberano; and from 1836 to 1838, when the revolutionary governor, Juan B.

The discovery of the Bermudas resulted from the shipwreck of Juan Bermudez, a Spaniard (whose name they now bear), when on a voyage from Spain to Cuba with a cargo of hogs, early in the 16th century.