Sentence Examples with the word Journeyed

He chose to accept the latter, journeyed in February 1341 to Naples, was honourably entertained by the king, and, after some formal disputations on matters touching the poet's art, was sent with magnificent credentials to Rome.

Then he tells of his love and how he had suffered from it, how he had journeyed through the desert (this part often contains some of the most famous descriptions and praises of animals) until his beast became thin and worn-out.

At the divine command, and encouraged by the promise that Yahweh would make of him, although hitherto childless, a great nation, he journeyed down to Shechem, and at the sacred tree (cf.

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The men journeyed on horseback, the women in wagons with felt tilts.

The elder journeyed into Pannonia to obtain support from Attila; the younger betook himself to the imperial court at Rome.

He came home in the following spring, but next year went again to Prussia, whence he journeyed by way of Venice to Cyprus and Jerusalem.

Of France (December 1145), announcing the Second Crusade and granting plenary indulgence under the usual conditions to those who would take the cross; and in January 1147 he journeyed to France to further preparations for the holy war and to seek aid in the constant feuds at Rome.

This was the district to which Louis Trichard and Jan van Rensburg, the forerunners of the Great Trek, journeyed in 1835.

He journeyed by the Rhine, Cologne, and thence by road to Antwerp, where he was handsomely received, .and lived in whatever society was most distinguished, including that of Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Thence on the outbreak of the schism Urban summoned her to Rome, whither, somewhat reluctantly, she journeyed with her now large spiritual family in November.