Sentence Examples with the word Josef

He turned onto Franz Josef Street, where he was not supposed to have been, and drove right in front of a surprised Princip.

The rifle factory, founded in 1830 by Josef Werndl, is the largest in Austria, and since 1882 it has added the manufacture of bicycles and electrical plant.

Though his own sympathies, and those of his allpowerful minister, Max Josef von Montgelas, were, if anything, French rather than Austrian, the state of the Bavarian finances, and the fact that the Bavarian troops were scattered and disorganized, placed him helpless in the hands of Austria;.

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In the north part of the east coast, in the region of Scoresby Fjord and Franz Josef Fjord, numerous ruins of Eskimo settlements are found, and in 1823 Clavering met Eskimo there, but now they have either completely died out or have wandered south.

Franz Josef Fjord, with its branch King Oscar Fjord, communicating with Davy's Sound, forms a system of fjords on a similar scale.

Blunt, Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates (1873); Josef Cernik, Studien-Expedition (1873); H.

Wolf's Oesterreich unter Maria Theresia, Josef II.

They consist of the High Tatra group (see TAT RA Mountains), where is found the Gerlsdorfer or Franz Josef peak (Hung.

The most important canal is the Franz Josef canal between Becse and Bezdan, above Zombor.

BARENTS SEA, that part of the Arctic Ocean which is demarcated by the north coast of Europe, the islands of Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land and Spitsbergen, and smaller intervening islands; it was named after the Dutch navigator.