Sentence Examples with the word Johannes

It had therefore been specially garrisoned by Justinian under first Peter, a Persian slave, and subsequently Johannes Tzibos, who built Petra on the coast as the Roman Headquarters.

To England in the spring, the New Testament was set up. Around him was a circle of students, some young, some already distinguished - the three sons of Froben's partner, Johannes Amerbach, who was now dead, Beatus Rhenanus, Wilhelm Nesen, Ludwig Ber, Heinrich Glareanus, Nikolaus Gerbell, Johannes Oecolampadius - who looked to him as their head and were proud to do him service.

Two German works of importance which have been used in this article are the interesting and suggestive Der Presbyter Johannes in Sage and Geschichte, by Dr Gustav Oppert (2nd ed., Berlin, 1870), and, most important of all in its learned, careful and critical collection and discussion of all the passages bearing on the subject, Der Priester Johannes, by Friedrich Zarncke of Leipzig (1876-1879).

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Here he came under the influence of the historian, Ludwig Timotheus Spittler, from whom, as also from Johannes von Muller and Friedrich Schlegel, his historical studies received a fresh impulse.

It was taught in Paris by Albert of Saxony (about 1350-1360)13501360) and Marsilius of Inghen (about 1364-1377, afterwards at Heidelberg), as well as by Johannes Buridanus, rector of the university as early as 1327.

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A still more extended an elaborate monograph than either of the preceding followed in 1822, Der Heilige Johannes Chrysostomus and die Kirche, besonders des Orients in dessen Zeitalter, and again, in 1824, another on Tertullian (Antignostikus).

In 1520 he had brought out a primer of religion dealing briefly with the Decalogue, the Creed and the Lord's Prayer; and Justus Jonas, Johannes Agricola and other leaders had done something of the same kind.

The town, named after Johannes Rissik, then surveyor-general of the Transvaal, was founded in September 1886, the first buildings being erected on the part of the reef where are now the Ferreira and Wemmer mines.