Sentence Examples with the word Jogged

Distressed by the damage, he jogged to the central square, where smaller obelisks marking lesser immortal Houses rose out of the ground.

Sighing deeply, he told Rita he was finished for the day, jogged down the stairs to his car, and fought the late afternoon crosstown traffic to Ethel Rosewater's office.

They then descend into the two different folders, where they are folded and cut - the copies being discharged on to the delivery boards situated at the two sides of the left-hand portion of the machine, and each quire is counted or told off by being jogged forward.

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Jimmy jogged out of the basement war room, and Jenn disappeared.

Darian jogged towards the obelisk and followed its tall form into the clouds with his eyes.

Xander jogged into the fog, using his senses to guide him.

Toni saluted him with a smile and jogged to his car.

She jogged across the compound to the area of one of the breaches.

Claire jogged to one of the trees and lifted a small satchel from its roots.

Dean emerged from behind the cluster of boulders and jogged to the edge of a clearing where he had a better view down the valley.