Sentence Examples with the word Jesu

Among his numerous works are Die Christologie des Neuen Testaments (1866), Der Altkatholicismus (three editions, 1882-1883), Leben Jesu (2 vols., 1885; 3rd ed., 1893), Neutestamentliche Theologie (2 vols., 1891-1892; 2nd ed., 1896), Christenlehre auf Grund des kleinen loth.

The theory is further developed in a later work (1835, the year in which David Strauss' Leben Jesu was published), Ober die sogenannte.n Pastoralbriefe.

Next to the Acta quaedam comes in value Polanco's Vita Ignatii Loiolae, which is published in the Monumenta historica Societatis Jesu now in progress.

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Kirche (1827; 12th ed., 1883), in which h sought to present the teaching of the Protestant church in such way as Hutter would have reconstructed it, had he still been alive Leben Jesu (1829; 5th ed., 1865; Eng.

Entwurf einer reinbiblischen Theologie appeared in 1792 (2nd ed., 1801), Summa Theologiae Christianae in 1803 (other editions, 1808, 1816, 1830); Das Leben Jesu in 1842, and Die wahre and falsche Orthodoxie in 1849.

Current special periodicals are: Euskal-erria, revista bascongada (1880, San Sebastian); Monumenta historica societatis Jesu (1894); El Progreso matematico, afterwards Revista de matematicas Auras y aplicadas (1891); Revista de bibliografia Catalano (Catalunya, Baleares, Rosselo, Valencia, 1901); La Naturaleza, fortnightly; La Energia electrica, fortnightly; Revista minera, weekly; Revista de medicina, weekly; Bibliografia espanola, fortnightly; La Lectura; Espana y America, monthly.

Wendt, Die Lehre Jesu (1886); A.

Kaiserreichs, 1891; Arnold Meyer, Jesu Muttersprache, 1896).

But in the autumn of 1833 he resigned this position in order to devote all his time to the completion of his projected Leben Jesu (1835).

Gleichnisse Jesu (Leipzig, 1904); Lauterbach, Jew.