Sentence Examples with the word Jennifer

The Deans' conversation drifted away from the young girl's plight to Jennifer Radisson's recent pronouncement.

While Jennifer didn't complain, Dean could see her hands gripping the sides of the vehicle tightly as they moved steadily upward.

The couple changed into shorts and boots, more satisfactory attire for their mountain drive with Jennifer Radisson.

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Dean tried hard to exclude Jennifer Radisson from consideration as a malefactor, although he reluctantly admitted his sole reason to pass on her as a suspect was his belief in her story.

Dean swung by the Beaumont Hotel and dropped off Jennifer Radisson's camera, not unhappy to be rid of the reminder of the prior evening.

July stretched into August, and just before the election, Jennifer Radisson spent her promised week at Bird Song.

Cynthia and Jennifer followed.

I guess not, 'cause you wouldn't say 'great work' if you did; he's the father of Jennifer Morley, the Alabama kid this bastard murdered.

I am Jennifer Radisson.

After all, Jennifer was born in Ouray and was connected to the disputed land.