Sentence Examples with the word Jehan

There is a generally accepted story, based on the chronicles of Jehan le Bel and Froissart, that she summoned the English forces to meet the Scottish invasion of 1346, and harangued the troops before the battle of Neville's Cross.

Guiffrey, Lettres inedites de Diane de Poytiers (Paris, 1866) and Proces criminel de Jehan de Poytiers (Paris, 1867); Capefigue, Diane de Poitiers (Paris, 1860); Hay, Madame Dianne de Poytiers (London, 1goo).

Next come Jehan le Bel, Waurins Recueil, Monstrelet, Chastellain, J uvenal des Ursins, and more limited works such as Crtons Cltronique de la traison ci mon de Richard II.

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C. Brunet chronicles editions of 1488, 1494, 1513, 1520 and 1533 - of this last date there are two, one published by Jehan Petit, the other by Philippe Lenoire, this last by far the better, being printed from a much fuller manuscript.

The chansons de geste of the cycle of Guillaume are: Enfances Garin de Monglane (15th century) and Garin de Monglane (13th century), on which is founded the prose romance of Guerin de Monglane, printed in the 15th century by Jehan Trepperel and often later; Girars de Viane (13th century, by Bertrand de Barsur-Aube), ed.