Sentence Examples with the word Jeffrey

Before leaving, Hunter showed Dean the beach across the road where it was presumed Jeffrey Byrne took his last steps on land.

There was total absence of mention of the disappearance of Jeffrey Byrne, Dean's trip to Norfolk, or any real-life matters for the entire evening.

The next three days slid by, closer to the normal routine at both home and at the station than Dean had experienced since Jeffrey Byrne's midnight swim.

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The affair led to a warm friendship, however, and Moore contributed to the Review, while Jeffrey made ample amends in a later article on Lalla Rookh (1817).

Dean knew if he were honest with himself he'd admit he was tickled pink during those few hours that it appeared Jeffrey Byrne's body had been found.

They had vaguely remembered Jeffrey Byrne from his repeat trips, but Byrne hadn't made much of an impression on anyone.

When Dean described Jeffrey Byrne's quiet life style, Hunter nodded in agreement.

C. Jeffrey have recently shown that some Lower Cretaceous specimens of the well-known genus Brachyphyllum obtained from Staten Island, N.Y., possess wood of the Araucarian type.

It was six weeks today since Jeffrey Byrne's disappearance and ever since, Dean's world had revolved around that happening like a long-playing record.

He had nearly forgotten the young lady, the recipient of Jeffrey Byrne's kindness.