Sentence Examples with the word Jeanne

Moreover, as regards her genuine military qualities we have the testimony of Dunois and d'Alencon; and Captain Marin, in his Jeanne d'Arc, tacticien et strategiste (1891), takes a high view of her achievements.

In 1352 he married Jeanne (d.

Le Maulde, Jeanne de France, duchesse d'Orleans et de Berry (Paris, 1883).

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By Guiffrey, Paris, 1866), of Antoine de Bourbon and Jeanne d'Albret (ed.

He first made himself a name as a soldier at the tournament held at Rennes in 1338 to celebrate the marriage of Charles of Blois with Jeanne de Penthievre, at which he unseated the most famous competitors.

John summoned the representatives of the cities of the duchy to Louvain to announce to them the marriage of his daughter and heiress Jeanne of Brabant to Wenceslaus duke of Luxemburg, and he offered them liberal concessions in order to secure their assent to the change of dynasty.

And Jeanne of France in 1498, and of Henry IV.

Once more inspired by the example of Michelet, who had just written an admirable work on Joan of Arc, he published the text of the two trials of Joan, adding much contemporary evidence on her heroism in his Proces de condemnation et de rehabilitation de Jeanne d'Arc (5 vols.

In 1337 he married Jeanne of Penthievre (d.

By her he was the father of Jeanne d'Albret (d.