Sentence Examples with the word Jarred

The words jarred him out of his daze, and he blinked, turning to look at Mansr.

The sound of a car door, and then an engine starting jarred him into realizing Elisabeth must have stayed in the woods all this time.

She rested against the door, jarred when the flash of a grey knife crossed inches before her eyes, followed by a muted thunk as the weapon buried itself in the door.

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Darian's voice jarred him out of his thoughts.

The sound of a laser gun jarred her.

She hung, helpless and exhausted, stuck in the in-between place until the pain of her head hitting something hard jarred her into consciousness.

The impact jarred her to the core.

She was about to demand to know where the girl was sent when Past-Death's words jarred her.

His voice jarred her as it had in the alley.

The loss of his body jarred her back into reality.