Sentence Examples with the word Janet

Seems she took off to take care of Janet, but I guess Janet made a miraculous recovery.

During the week before Christmas, Martha had spent an overnight at Bird Song when Janet was forced to report to court in Grand Junction, on some charges she, thankfully, did not detail to the Deans.

THOMAS CARLYLE (1795-1881), British essayist, historian and philosopher,born on the 4th of December 1795 at Ecclefechan, in Annandale, was the eldest of the nine children of James Carlyle by his second wife, Janet Aitken.

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No. But I don't think Janet did it, whatever it was.

There's a lot to do around here with Janet AWOL and a bunch of newly empty rooms.

It has been shown by C. Janet (1889), from careful studies of the musculature, that the greater part of the head-capsule is built up of the four anterior head-segments, the hindmost of which has the mandibles for its appendages, and this conclusion is in the main supported by the recent work on the head skeleton of J.

The psychological metaphysics of Cousin and of Janet was, however, too flimsy a realism to withstand its passage into this very idealism of matter which has become the dominant French metaphysics.

Dean guessed Shipton wanted Janet to somehow intercede in getting him into Bird Song, before he was able to obtain a room on his own.

I'd better call Janet to see if she can come by.

Dean agreed and telephoned Janet O'Brien from the hall but there was no answer.