Sentence Examples with the word Jakob

The rapidity of the method, and the accurate results which it gave in the hands of a practised experimenter, led to its systematization by Jens Jakob Berzelius and Johann Friedrich Ludwig Hausmann, and in more recent times by K.

According to Dr Jakob Jakobsen, the name means the voe (waa) of the skollas, or booths, occupied by the men who came to attend the meeting of the ling, or open-air law court, which assembled in former days on an island in the Loch of Tingwall (hence its name), about 3 m.

Bach, Jakob Balde (Freiburg, 1904).

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His favourite reading was poetry and mystical philosophy: Shakespeare, Dante, George Herbert, Goethe, Berkeley, Coleridge, Swedenborg, Jakob Boehme, Plato, the new Platonists, and the religious books of the East (in translation).

In Germany the name of the foreigners, who were completely defeated in the battle of St Jakob on the Birs, not far from Basel, was mockingly corrupted into Arme Jacken, Poor Jackets, or Arme Gecken, Poor Fools.

In the public park there is a bust of Schiller, a monument to Alexander von Humboldt, and a statue of the mystic Jakob BOhme (1575-1624); a monument has been erected in the town in commemoration of the war of 1870-71, and also one to the emperor William I.

In Erigena, Meister Eckhardt, Jakob Boehme).

His SOD, JOHANN JAKOB HOTTINGER (1652-1735), who became professor of theology at Zurich in 1698, was the author of a work against Roman Catholicism, Helvetische Kirchengeschichte (4 vols., 1698-1729); and his grandson, JOHANN HEINRICH HOTTINGER (1681-1750), who in 1721 was appointed professor of theology at Heidelberg, wrote a work on dogmatics, Typus doctrinae christianae (1714).

His nephew Thomas (1512?-1564) was professor at Basel and minister in Baden, and left four distinguished sons of whom Johann Jakob (1540-1617) was a leader in the religious affairs of Basel.

There he became acquainted with the works of Jakob Boehme, and with the ideas of Hume, Hartley and Godwin, which were extremely distasteful to him.