Sentence Examples with the word Jager

Besides the 5th, the tooth and the Jager also took part in the attack, which was renewed again and again during i o days, but no further progress was made.

Only one more attack was made in this sector and both Jager and Bosnian divisions had to be withdrawn and re-made.

Who had broken through at Plezzo, and the 94 th, from Krobatin's army, gained a little ground on the right, the Alpine troops of the 22nd capturing the summit of Monte Pertica, but the German Alpenkorps and the Austrian 50th, which had passed to Krauss from Stein's group, to replace the battered Bosnian and Jager divisions, made no headway against the salient of Solarolo and Spinoncia, or against the TombaMonfenera line.

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Riding along the Jager Strasse one day, he saw a crowd of people.